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Opportunities for sales professionals, medical companies and health professionals to connect on the clinical and educational platform

Angela Teh, MEd, BSc(Hon), RN

Director, Impromed Pty Ltd


23 years experience in the medical industry. Graduated from Singapore Nursing School as a registered nurse, working in neuromedicine and operating theatre environment.

Graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Hon) in Business Administration and employed in the medical device industry in various disciplines such as sales, product management, medical training and education in Australasia.

Earned a Master of Education degree from Macquarie University in Sydney. Designed, outfitted and executed surgeon training/workshop course requirements for a major medical device company.

Awards and achievements –

  1. Service excellence awarded by Cochlear Ltd in 2016
  2. Gained approval of Accredited courses – ‘Foundation course for Cochlear Implants’ by Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) CPD accredited courses in 2016
  3. Budgeting, management and outfitting the onsite temporal bone anatomy laboratory and training centre (Cochlear Clinical Skills Institute) in Cochlear Ltd in 2013 in Sydney, Australia
  4. Developed and execute the 1st endoscopy and sports medicine workshop in Singapore since 2001 with Royal College of Surgeons (UK) and Singapore General Hospital, now held annually.
  5. Engaged and collaborated with medical professionals internationally on workshops and conferences since 2000.
  6. Developed content and curriculum for Cochlear (Otology) and Smith & Nephew (Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine) for internal staff training and development from 2003 within Australasia
  7. Developed and delivered of content and curriculum for Zimmer (Orthopedics), Masimo (Patient Monitoring), Solta Technologies (Laser technology) and Covidien (General Surgery & Electrosurgery) since 2007 within Australasia
  8. Hosted an advisory board for Zimmer Institute in 2007

Why choose Impromed?

Link between sales, healthcare professionals and medical companies.

Impromed Facilitators in Australasia

Dr. Huang Ye (Steve)

Jishuitan Hospital, Beijing, China

  • Founder of the Knee Preservation Society China 2018
  • Member of the AO Technical commission
  • Specializes in fractures of the knee. TKA, Uni, HTO
  • Chairman of the Synthes DePuy Asia Pacific board of HTO research and clinical advancement
  • High volume hip and knee surgeon with over 3,000 TKA, 500 Uni, and 900 HTO performed to date
  • Former fellow with Professor Joseph Schtazker, Toronto, Canada
  • Conducts 14 weekend surgeon education workshops in China per year
  • The location of JST Hospital was a famous garden ‘Jing’Yuan’ in Ming Dynasty, became a home of an emperor’s brother in Qing Dynasty, 275 years ago
  • Beijing Orthopedic Research and Treatment Center is located in the Jishuitan hospital

Dr. Nattapol Tammachote

Thamasat University Hospital (Rangsit Campus), Bangkok, Thailand.

  • Specializes in Hip and Knee reconstruction
  • AO fellowship in Chur, Switzerland
  • Research fellowship in Orthopedics, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, USA
  • Clinical fellowship in Hip and Knee reconstruction, with Professors Bourne and Rorabeck, University of Western Ontario, London, Canada
  • Dr. Nattapol has performed over 2,000 TKA and THA procedures


As a health care professional, you want opportunities to continue developing your skills and have discussions with your peers in order to both provide your insight and also learn from other’s experiences.

IMPROMED can facilitate these interactions based on the topics requested. We have surgeons interested in this sort of engagement in Australasia, China, USA, and Europe.

Please contact IMPROMED directly or contact us via your representative and we will be glad to start discussing the details with you and work out a plan for you to review.


As a member of a small, medium, or large organization, you always have limited resources that have to be utilized efficiently to meet the objectives of the company as a whole. There is often disagreement within a company where resources should be spent, and as a result, everyone has to think out of the box to accomplish objectives in a smart way. Many times, smart thinking is rewarded at the end of the year by expense budgets not being exceeded and revenue targets met.


IMPROMED can help in the area of medical education. Medical education encompasses a large field of various initiatives. We are very aware of and experienced in these fields of necessity in order to become or remain a respected medical company. We can become your temporary or pseudo permanent partner in understanding your needs and then provide you with a strategic plan of action, including a budget and a timeline, focused on your particular needs and resources. This is what we can do for organization:


  • Meet with you to understand your needs and restraints. What do you want to achieve? Where do you lack expertise and or resources?
  • We will discuss with you how we can assist you in meeting these needs and brainstorm various pathways to achieving your objectives
  • Come back to you with a proposal which you can discuss with your staff and financial team

In today’s health care environment, there is a need for education both within the company and with external customers. It can be inefficient to keep an inhouse permanent staff employed when there is an option in getting the same or better results by working with IMPROMED.


As a sales professional, you have your ear to the ground where you may get asked from time to time if you know of education/training programs or new approaches and ideas in the medical industry that are available to healthcare professionals. You may find some on this IMPROMED web site or you may want to contact us and discuss a need which you or your customers have for a particular training event. Together we can design a program which may fill a need in the market.

Please contact us below  and let’s see if we can partner up in evolving medical education!


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